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XFV-1, 02-1952: Testing The XFV-1 Research Aircraft


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"Summary: Progress report on the XFV-1.
1) MS conference in progress.
2) MS Lockeed [SIC] Aircraft Company.
3) CU engineering building.
4) Several blueprints on the XFV-1.
5) Animation drawings of the aircraft gives comparison between helicopters and other aircraft as to the flight characteristics, also the various purposes of this type aircraft.
6) Animation gives a demonstration of the landing pattern to a ship, the particulars of climb, and demonstration in the aerodynamic configurations until they reached the final drawing.
7) CU one-tenth scale model. Scale model goes through the various bind tunnel tests, shows the testing of the propellers.
8) Testing of a scale tail model by means of an HVAR, camera situated on the tail section shows the earth as rocket ascends into the sky.
9) MS wooden mock-up, various tests conducted on same, a rotatable mock-up test being made for tilt.
10) In February 1952 a full scale aircraft was built -- showing the assembling of the aircraft.
11) MS mock-up of the control and hydraulic system in operation.
12) Mock-up of the fuel system.
13) MS various parts of this aircraft on the drop test tower.
14) Various tests conducted on the ejection procedure, parachute being tested from a helicopter. (This parachute has fast deployment characteristics, and ejection seat velocity.)
15) MLS testing of the ejection seat from a high tower to a net, also from a 250 foot cliff. (High speed photography on both of these scenes.)
16) Demonstration, by animation of the radar fire control.
17) MS scale model of the plane and its allied equipment with all workable parts. Sound track narrates the multiple uses of this type of aircraft.
18) MS towing of the aircraft out of factory.
19) Several views of the testing at Edwards Air Force Base -- horizontal take-off and landing tests. (This aircraft is equipped with both conventional and vertical landing gears. June of 54 was the initial flight test.) good(Basic: mas, koda)"

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