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WW2 Various Air Force Scenes - P-47, ME-109, B-17 Ditching, etc.


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National Archives description "WW II scenes: P-47 fighters taxiing. Officer on outdoor phone fires flare gun.
LS, P-47s take off.
MS, two P-38 fighters taking off. German antiaircraft batteries firing.
LS, B-17s in formation. Flak in the sky. Machine guns firing on B-17.
AVs, flak bursting among formation of B-17s.
AVs, damaged B-17s. Feathered engine; damaged wing; tail of B-17 shot away. German ME 109 diving at B-17.
RV, German pilot at controls of his fighter. Airmen climbing aboard B-24 bomber on rain-swept runway. B-24 taxis away. Int, bomber in flight; gunner firing machine gun.
AVs, bombs falling thru clouds.
AVs, bombers crossing over sea close to water at sundown. Overcast sky with sun-edged clouds. German planes destroyed inside factory. B-24 landing.
AV, German Stuka dive bomber goes into a dive and drops bombs.
CU, flaming map of Europe. Scenes of Dunkirk. Stukas bomb British troop as they try to board boats.
AV, German bomber drops bombs. Explosions on the ground. Wall of building crashes to the ground. German Junker 52s taking off. Paratroopers jumping from the Junkers.
CUs, Japanese crewmen shouting. Japanese planes take off from deck of carrier. Japanese planes drop bombs on Pearl Harbor.
VS, ship burning.
VS, wreck aircraft.
LS, line of trainers. Trainer taxis. B-17s take off over camera.
LS, B-25 coming in for a landing and crashing.
AVs, B-17 ditching in the water.
Int, B-17. Crewman bracing themselves as the plane hits the water."
National Archives Identifier: 28985  Selected Scenes From US Air Force For Project 223-12040 1939 - 1945

As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or itself. Thanks.

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