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WW2 Japanese Propaganda "Sea Battles Off Hawaii And Malaya," 1941


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Silent. United States Naval Photographic Center film #10129.  
National Archives description MV Twin-engine Japanese bomber in flight (good).
MV Interior of cabin: Japanese pilots looking from window using binoculars (good).
MC Japanese pilots talking into phone (good).
ML Twin-engine Japanese bombers in flight (side and LA shots); they pass through thin clouds (good).
MS Interior of bomber: A pilot wearing earphones; others have towel bands around their heads and look down at the sea.
AV Three British ships underway; they change direction (short).
ML Shadow on sea of Japanese twin-engine plane.
MV Ships being sunk by Japanese attack: Ships or their structures exploded by bombs; clouds of black smoke curl upward into sky; half-submerged ship with smoke rising from it (most shots simulated).
LS Japanese bomber dropping bombs at British ship; water column near ship; part of wing FG (good).
Japanese radio announcing that they have sunk the "unsinkable" BB "PRINCE OF WALES" off Malaya;
PAN to family sitting in room listening to radio (good).
MS High-ranking Japanese officers in wardroom listening to radio; they rise and bow to each other following news report.
MS High-ranking Japanese officer speaking to officers in wardroom.
ML Japanese DD underway; high bow wakes (front shot; LA).
ML to MS Japanese DD underway.
ML Various shots of Japanese BBs firing while underway (SV; some very good shots)."

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