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USAF Flight Tests X-1A And X-10, 1954


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National Archives description "Summary: 1) LS of fighter aircraft lined up on ramp at Edwards AFB, California. They are L to R: F-86, F-84, F-86D, F-86, F-89, F-102, and another aircraft in distance.
2) MS 1/4 FV B-29 with X-1A installed in bomb bay.
3) MCU showing X-1A in cutaway bomb bay of B-29.
4) MS showing crew members of B-29 and X-1A -- Maj. Charles Yeager, at right, picks up helmet and parachute and walks to aircraft.
5) LPS B-29 with X-1A taking off, L to R.
6) LS B-29 with X-1A taking off and climbing for altitude, L to R.
7) ALS B-29 in flight to right with X-1A attached to bomb bay and fuselage.
8) AMS, almost direct up shot, of B-29 and X-1A.
9) ALS direct SV of X-1A dropping away from B-29 -- rocket engine can be seen starting and X-1A continues flying to right. F-86 chase plane can be seen in upper left corner of frame.
10) ALS showing contrail of X-1A far overhead -- small contrail of F-86 can be seen far to rear of X-1A.
11) ALS from chase plane at X-1A diving and turning, ground is visible in left bg.
12) LPS of X-1A landing on desert.
13) CU FV X-1A after flight -- group of personnel are around plane.
14) CU of Maj. Yeager in cockpit of X-1A -- he climbs out and jumps to the ground.
15) MS identification shots of X-10 stationary on desert at Edwards AFB.
16) LPS of X-10 taking off to the right (this missile takes off in an extremely nose high attitude).
17) ALS's of X-10 in flight to right.
18) AV of X-10 in flight to right.
19) LPS of X-10 landing to the left -- deceleration chute pops out of rear of X-10 and it slows down.
20) MS F-84 on zero-length launcher.
21) MS of rocket booster being prepared for installation on F-84 on zero-length launcher. Good (Basic: Mas Koda)" 

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