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Task Force, 1943 & 1944 (U.S. Navy GSAP)


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Naval Photographic Center film # 10892 "Task Force, 1943."
National Archives description "1) Gun Camera View: Airfield being strafed.
2) AtoG MLS Fire down on ground.
3) Pilots eye View: Strafing of an airfield; pilot dives down onto runway area.
4) Pilots eye View: Large explosion in enemy territory.
5) Pilots eye View: Flight over enemy held area and small buildings. Good to Fair
6) AtoG MLS Atoll; smoke rising from atoll.
7) AtoG MLS Black smoke rising from small atoll. Fair
8) MLS Aircraft carrier underway.
9) AtoA MS Large flight of SBDs. Good to Fair 10) AtoG LS Three unidentified ships underway. Fair
11) AtoA MCU SBDs in formation, peeling off to left.
12) AtoG MCU Strafing aircraft on enemy airfield at Truk. Good
13) AtoG MS Small enemy ship strafed.
14) AtoG MS Destroyer type ship moving through an exploded area in water (this is a Japanese ship). Good to Fair
15) Gun Camera View: Destroyer being strafed.
16) Gun Camera View: Small unidentified vessel being strafed and beginning to burn. Fair to Poor
17) AtoG CU Enemy transport. Fair
18) MS PAN Over area with transport sunk. Fair
19) HA MS Looking down over flight deck officer giving launch signals.
20) HA MS TBM making a deck launch on deck of carrier. Good
21) MS TBM making a deck launch.
22) AtoA MS SB2C in a diving run.
23) Pilots Eye View: Enemy Buildings; dock area being strafed. Fair
24) AtoG MS Enemy aircraft on ground being strafed. Fair
25) AtoA MLS SBDs in formation and peeling off.
26) AtoG MS Looking down over coastal area of island; hit is made in wooded area; three other explosions occur from camera aircraft. Fair
27) AtoG MS Looking down over enemy territory, showing bomb hits.
28) AtoG MS Looking down over blasted hangars on enemy held island.
29) AtoG MS Explosions on islands in Marianas.
30) AtoG MS Smoke and explosions. Fair
31) AtoG MS PAN Along coastal area of island; bomb hits made in bay.
32) AtoG MS Strafing of island.
33) AtoG MS Dock areas burning.
34) AtoG MS Island in Marianas being strafed; smoke rises from island (SV).
35) Gun Camera View: Enemy aircraft shot at as a plane explodes.
36) AtoG MS Looking down over island during strafing. Good to Fair
37) AtoG MS Island and bays; smoke rising from tip of island from hits. Good to Fair
38) AtoG CU PAN Over wooded area of island. Fair
39) AtoG MS Explosions on island.
40) AtoG MLS PAN Explosions among the buildings on water front.
41) Gun Camera View: Enemy Japanese planes being shot.
42) Gun Camera View: Enemy fighter hit from behind.
43) Gun Camera View: Enemy fighter hit and explodes (SV).
44) Gun Camera View: Enemy plane maneuvering, trying to get out of machine fire, plane catches on fire and heads toward water.
45) Gun Camera View: Enemy plane being hit; pilot jumping from aircraft.
46) Gun Camera View: Transport type plane being strafed and hit, setting it on fire. Fair"

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