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  • Russian military

    Russian military

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    This is a video titled 'Russian military'.

  • Popular The Legacy Music Hour - Episode 58: Military and War

    The Legacy Music Hour - Episode 58: Military and War

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    A-TEN-HUT! At ease, listeners. For this mission, Lieutenant Weinbach and Sergeant Switch focus on games (or parts of games) that have a significant connection to military or war content. Now drop down, grab your radio, and settle into your foxhole, privat

  • Popular Private SNAFU

    Private SNAFU

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    Booby Traps Target Snafu Operation Snafu Coming!! Snafu Private Snafu Volume 2 Private Snafu Volume 1 Gripes Spies Snafuperman

  • Popular Captain Cub

    Captain Cub

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    Cute WWII cartoon were captain cub a cute bear cub builds a lot of airplanes to combat the Japanese.

  • Popular Landing Accidents

    Landing Accidents

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    WWII cartoon on why there are landing accidents and what to do to prevent future accidents.