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Stock Footage From "The Last Bomb," 1944-1945


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AAF stock footage from the Academy Award-nominated documentary, which shows the 21st Bombing
Command and its role in the B-29 bombing of Japan and the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO).
National Archives "This film shows aerial and ground scenes of B-29s over the Pacific and on various islands. Included are several scenes at Boeing Aircraft's plant, showing the planes as they were assembled and tested.

Reel 1: Medium Shot (MS) of B-29s lined up, taxiing past camera -- several different angles. Long Shot (LS) and MS paint crew spraying bottom of B-29 fuselage black.
Reel 2: LS and MS of armament men loading 1,000 lb. bombs in B-29. ADS (Aerial Down Shot) of terrain and bombs bursting. LS to MS of island and runway -- aircraft landing (camera in nose of aircraft). LS B-29 on ground. Close Up (CU) tail of B-29 showing most of rudder and part of vertical stabilizer shot away. MS of B-29 aircraft taxiing as crew chief directs it into hardstand. A number of scenes of presentation of medals.
Reel 3: Long Down Shot (LDS) of coastline -- many ships at anchor. MS of archway, sign on top reads "Fifth Marine Division;" in background (bg) can be seen crosses in cemetery. CU sign "Suribachi Highway, Constructed by 31st Seabees."
Reel 4: Airmen in flight clothing and "Mae Wests" (life vests) walking into building, sign over doorway reads: Iwo Jima Spa." Aerial Medium Shot (AMS) Side View (SV) F-51 in flight, Right to Left (R to L). ALS of white clouds, F-51 flies through frame, R to L. Scene is repeated, then F-51 comes in and holds in frame. Scene repeated three times. Several scenes of aircraft traveling, R to L, over and by white clouds. LS to MS of two B-29s taking off directly over camera. Miscellaneous footage of B-29s taxiing, starting, and taking off.
Reel 5: First two-thirds of the reel is taken at Boeing Aircraft plant and shows assembly of B-29s, installation of instruments, testing of turrets and equipment, cafeteria scenes, and scenes of people leaving the plant. LS to MS B-29 taxiing toward camera. B-29 being towed away from assembly plant. Front View (FV) and SV B-29 taking off over camera.
Reel 6: MS SV nose of B-29 with drawing of peculiar looking bird. LDS of staging area for B-29s. "

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