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Soviet Military Mission Observe Amphibious Training Activities, Inspect Equipment, Woolecombe, Devon


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Naval Photographic Center film #1550.
National Archives description "1) MLS Soviet party studying orientation chart on top of mountain; huge ravine in BG.
2) MS Same.
3) LA LS Soviet party members watching amphibious activities.
4) MS Members of Soviet party.
5) MLS Members of Soviet party and two USN officers sitting down on side of mountain; binooulars hanging from their necks.
6) LS Looking into bay; smoke screens and explosions in water; PAN, shoreline; smoke rising from beach.
7) LS Wave of LCM's (NG).
8) MS Soviet party standing on hill as they watch the amphibious training activities.
9) LS Looking down onto beach; amphibious craft coming in toward beach.
10) LS Amphibious craft pulling out freach (very foggy) (bad quality).
11) MS Soviet party members watching operations from hillside.
12) MS Same (SV).
13) MS Soviet party members getting off the LCT.
14) MS Soviet members and American soldiers going aboard boat.
15) MS Nose section of the LCT; Soviet members and American soldiers coming off (SV).
16) MS LCI pulled onto beach; Soviet party members getting off; PAN, LVT and LCI sitting on beach.
17) MS Members of Soviet party getting off LCVP; PAN, tank on beach; LVT on beach; ship in harbor in BG.
18) MS Members of Soviet party climb aboard LVT; American soldiers standing on beach in FG; ships in harbor in BG (SV).
19) LS Amphibious dukw on beach.
20) MLS Amphibious dukw underway; members of Soviet Party loading into dukw; tankers in BG; PAN, dukw comes onto beach; buildings in BG.
21) MS Amphibious dukw carrying members of Soviet Party dressed in life jackets.
22) MS Convoy of jeeps going down beach; man saluting each jeep as it passes; army ambulance drives past.

Formerly 1910 ADM. RADFORD INSPECTS PLANES AND FLIGHT DECK ACTIVITY ABD USS LEXINGTONDate: 10/5/43 Length 190'23) MS ADM RADFORD walking up flight deck of USS LEXINGTON (CVA-16).24)
MS ADM. RADFORD standing on flight deck of USS LEXINGTON.
25) MS Radford watching ordnancemen working with cart carrying bomb.
26) MS Pilot in cockpit of F6F.
27) MS Same.
28) CU Pilot climbing in cockpit of F6F; pilot giving thumbe-up signals; wings of aircraft folded.
29) HA MS F6F's parked aft on USS LEXINGTON: crewmembers standing in FG; some of the planes have engines turning over.
30) CU Pilot standing in front of F6F
.31) HA MS to MLS TBM being deck-launched from LEXINGTON: PAN.
32) HA MS to MLS Same.
33) MLS Looking down on flight deck of the LEXINGTON, TBM's taxiing and unfolding wings; F6F's parked aft on flight deck." 

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