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Operation Big Switch, 1953 Inchon, Korea


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September 1, 1953 footage of American POWs returning from Korea in Operation Big Switch.

Shot list from National Archives:"Summary: Flight nurse activities on C-124 aircraft carrying repatriated POW's from Inchon, Korea, to Tachikawa, Japan.
1) LS flight nurse walks toward camera in fg personnel waiting for nurse.
2) MS pan R to L, two flight nurses enter C-124.
3) LS ambulances approaching -- one ambulance pulls out of frame to left.
4) MS ambulance backs up to C-124 and patient is unloaded.
5) Series of shots of patients being loaded into the C-124.
6) Several views of litter patients being loaded onto C-124.
7) CU INT C-124, flight nurse checks patient's records.
8) MS through front cargo door as clam shell doors close.
9) CU C-124 engines warming up -- several views of engines as aircraft taxis down flight line for takeoff strip. 10) CU INT C-124, 1st Lt. Dorothea Smith checking patient's records.
11) CU flight nurse talking to patient, Pvt. Clifford Hammond.
12) CU flight nurse talking with patient A/1C Donald L. Hist -- she gives cigarette to patient and lights it.
13) CU INT C-124, flight nurse, 1st Lt. Patricia Carrudhers, talking with patient, 1st Lt. William P. Wyatt.
14) CU Lt. Wratt and Capt. Kenneth L. Spence looking at large map.
15) CU Lt. Wyatt and 1st Lt. Edwin A. Nixon looking at large map.
16) CU flight nurse Lt. Carrudhers talking to D.W. Thorin -- Thorin has large beard.
17) CU flight nurse looking at pipe of Dale E. Moritz.
18) Several views of flight nurse and Dale E. Moritz looking at pipe and talking.
19) MS flight nurse, Capt. Francis L. Treat, and Lt. Charles S. Smith get magazines and look at them.
20) CU flight nurse, Lt. Carrudhers.
21) CU flight nurse Smith helping feed Clifford Hammond whose eyes are completely bandaged.
22) CU of Clifford Hammond eating.
23) MS flight nurse Carrudhers helping Ernest R. Colling, whose eyes are bandaged, with food and drinks.
24) CU flight nurse.
25) MS flight nurse, 1st Lt. Gwen Maynard, handing magazines to patients. Several views of same.
26) CU of pilot.
27) Several views of aircraft control panel.
28) Series of INT shots of an unidentified two-star general talking with POW's.
29) Series of INT shots of the C-124, patient being loaded. 30) Series of shots of ambulatory cases coming onto C-124.
31) CU INT of the C-124; A/1C Travis C. Walden and A/2C David Lewis looking at magazines.
32) MCU flight nurse, Lt. Maynard, handing Capt. Roland Harry a cup of water.
33) CU Capt. Harry drinking water.
34) CU flight nurse handing cup of water to Capt. Harry. (several repeats, different angles.)
33) Several views of nurse talking with Capt. Harry -- she gives cigarette to Lt. Bprice.
36) Several views of nurse lighting cigarette for Lt. Bprice.
Reel 2 --
1) LS INT C-124, litter patient and other POW's aboard.
2) MS flight nurse and military personnel checking roster.
3) CU patient lying on bed reading magazine. Flight nurse Smith steps into scene and hands cigarette to 1st Lt. Reid Landon, lights it for him -- camera stays with Lt. Landon smoking cigarette, reading his magazine.
4) Several LS's INT C-124, patients eating sandwiches -- flight nurse Carrudhers gives sandwiches to personnel.
5) MS Capt. Kenneth L. Spence and litter patient, Lt. Landon, talking about papers.
6) LS INT C-124, patients reading -- nurses pass out reading material and talk with patients on litter.
7) MS through C-124 front cargo doors as they open, at Tachikawa Air Base, Japan -- ramps are lifted back into aircraft and lowered again. Unidentified personnel enter aircraft.
8) Series of shots of patients being unloaded from C-124 at Tachikawa AB, Japan -- a shelter was placed at doorway of C-124 as patients were unloaded.
(Weather rainy) Aircraft, USAF.....C-124 -- Instruments Aircraft, USAF.....C-124 -- Interiors Aircraft, USAF.....C-124 -- Loading/Unloading -- Flight personnel Aircraft, USAF.....C-124 -- Loading/Unloading -- Passengers Aircraft, USAF.....C-124 -- Loading/Unloading -- Wounded Aircraft, USAF.....C-124 -- Warming up Food -- Eating & drinking Japan -- Tachikawa Air Base Korea -- Inchon Maps Medicine & Surgery -- Injured & Wounded -- US -- AF Medicine & Surgery -- Stretcher Cases -- US Personnel, Military -- US -- AF -- Officers -- General Personnel, Military -- US -- AF -- Pilots -- C-124 Personnel, Military -- US -- AF -- Repatriates Personnel, Military -- US -- AF -- Women in Service -- Nurses Ramps -- Aircraft Transportation, Motor -- Ambulances -- Loading/Unloading Transportation, Moroe -- Ambulances -- Other Weather, Manifestations of -- Rainy Fair (Basic: Orig neg)"

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