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December 7th (MN-2862 - 2868), 1941


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National Archives description: "1) MS Battleship sunk and burning in Pearl Harbor; small craft around BB turned over.
2) CU Calif. class BB sunk to main deck; fire burning in BG; tugs spraying water on BB in FG.
3) CU USS OKLAHOMA (BB-37) turned over on side; small barge alongside. G
4) MS BB sunk to main deck.
5) MS Fire raging from sunken BB"s. G
6) CU Looking down over what is left of burned out aircraft. G
7) LS Looking out over sea. F
8) MLS Sunken battleships in Pearl Harbor; officers barge passes by in FG.
9) LA CU Sky seen through girders of burned out hangers.
10) CU Hanger burning; PAN to black smoke.
11) LS Penn. class BB sunk and burning; officers boat passes in FG.G
12) MS PAN Ford Island; PAN to burning BB"s in battleship row. G
13) MS Overturned OKLAHOMA with Calif. class BB in BG.
14) LA CU Three officers on platform near mast on Calif. class ship. F
15) GtoA MLS SBD aircraft in flight. G
16) MS Looking toward hills with beautiful clouds in BG; four men carry a dead man on a stretcher. G
17) CU Looking down over a book cover "USS F RPRISE". G
18) CU Hangar on fire caused by attack. (SV)
19) MLS Vehicle traffic along a roadway in Honolulu. G
20) CU Mobile crane lowering prefab cement sections for bomb shelter.
21) CU Sections used for bomb shelters; PAN to mobile crane lifting a section. G
22) CU Crane lowering another section lace during construction. G
23) CU Basket ball net on a pole. G
24) CU Street corner with vehicle traffic. G
25) MS Group of small children walking up a walkway. G
26) MLS Looking down a narrow street showing some of the residents walking along. G
27) HA LS Looking out over Pearl Harbor. G
28) MS Army personnel parading on field; undt. aircraft in BG. G
29) MS Looking down between two rows of shacks; two men in military uniforms stand in rear of buildings. G
30) MS Looking out over a field with weeds waving in breeze. G
31) CU Two men in uniform looking out over a body of water; mountainous shoreline in BG; aircraft taxiing over water in BG. G"

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