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Candid Shots Of Maj. Murray And Maj Yeager Alongside The Bell X-1A Aircraft, Edwards AFB, September,


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"Summary: MS nose of of X-1A, crew members walk up to aircraft, remove canopy. Maj. Murray climbs out of the X-1A and unsnaps buckles from parachute harness. Crew chief takes parachute and oxygen mask and continues to assist Maj. Murray.
76' Maj. Murray starts to unzip G-suit, then he and crew chief walk toward camera and out of scene.
105' Maj. Murray and Bell representatives posing alongside X-1A. Maj. Murray has hand on ladder. After talking a few moments, group walks toward camera and out of scene. Camera pans to nose of aircraft to show the writing, BELL AIRCRAFT X-1A.
147' MCU tail section of X-1A, camera pans from L to R as crew members cross scene, unfast unfasten and remove hatch from aircraft. Crew chief attaches ladder next to cockpit. Maj. Yeager stands up in cockpit, hands oxygen mask to crew member, alights from aircraft and shakes crew member's hand. Crew members assist Maj. Yeager in remove parachute and other equipment. Maj. Yeager talks to crew members -- group then walks out of scene past camera. Camera pans back to nose of X-1A.
249' MS Maj. Yeager is painting speed on side of aircraft, MACH 2.5, 1650 MPH, ALTITUDE OVER 90,000 FEET. (This data is secret.) Maj. Murray is at side of aircraft watching Maj. Yeager paint.
300' Total footage in reel. Good (Basic: Orig. neg)"

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